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Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac- Episode 41-Why didn’t Stacy own Roxy? Or Jac?


Ever wondered why Stacy didn’t own Roxy? Or Jac?

Meet Greg, the man who took a risk and bought Roxy for the Westfall’s to train. Greg went from trail riding and camping to owning one of the most famous horses in the world. What was that like and how did it happen?

Listen for

  • The reason why Stacy & Jesse didn’t buy Roxy.
  • Why Stacy doesn’t have regrets
  • Why Greg kept buying Roxy a secret…(I love Jesse’s response to that one, “Well, it turned out OK.”)
  • The fact that Greg owns Roxy’s mother and full sister, two of Roxy’s daughters and Roxy’s granddaughter
  • How many foals did Roxy have?
  • Funny stories about owning Roxy….
  • What was it like owning a famous horse?

Two-seater horse? Two-seater saddle! The double seat western saddle.


What was your first thought when you saw this saddle? When I first saw it I thought ‘better have a long backed horse’!long backed horse

A quick google search reveals that this is considered a ‘double seat western saddle’. As a kid, I rode double behind my mom a lot. We rode on a bareback pad. I tried riding behind a saddle but it really wasn’t fun… but we didn’t have one of these saddles either!

Now I am left to wonder if this saddle would have been a good answer or if bareback pad was the best.

Has anyone ever used one of these? I would love to know how you liked it and how well it fit the horse.

So close to teaching your horse to bow; tips for progressing.


“Stacy, here is a video of my horse Raeyon as I am teaching her to bow. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to progress.” -Katherine K.

Thank you for sending me this video! There were a couple of things I noticed…so I made a video for you. You really are very close. When you are watching my video with Popcorn one thing you should notice is that both of our horses look sleepy, lol. I think this is great because they do not look stressed.

Keep in mind that when I put the rope on Popcorns leg for this video it had been over two months from the last time I had asked him to bow AND the last time I used a rope on him was well before that. I am telling you this so you can keep in mind that Popcorns response time was slow…but the good news is he was thinking. If I had repeated this rope test with him 5 minutes later, or if I had been bowing him more frequently I would have expected him to be a little quicker. Like most things, if you practice this often then it will become the answer your horse is looking for.

The main point here is that you can see that Popcorn knows that I am not going to release his leg from the rope until his knee touches the ground. Once he understands that with the rope we have crossed one hurdle.

The other hurdle is getting him to hold his leg up on his own without the rope. Once we have achieve that; the horse holding the leg up without the hoof touching the ground for an extended amount of time (1-2 minutes), then the bow with a tap alone is right there.

Stacy Westfall: Teaching your horse to bow

Full length training DVD on teaching the horse to bow.


Because the horse has already figured out that the ‘answer’ when the rope is used is to touch the knee down. He will eventually apply this idea to the leg being held up by the tap and….ta-da!

Your horse will bow from a simple tap.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”


We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Natural sunset when returning to barn after a ride, Findlay, Ohio.

‘Let it go…let it go…’ The song from Frozen keeps running through my head as I am writing this.

I am a planner by nature. I often fall asleep at night planning the next day, filling my mornings, afternoons and evenings before the day has even begun.

Planning is good. But maybe too much planning makes me think I can control things. I can’t plan a beautiful sunset…but hopefully I haven’t overbooked myself so much that I can’t stop to enjoy it.

When I try to control too many things, I add stress to my life and to those around me and I also, quite possibly, shut the door on other things that could be waiting for me.



What are the show clothes trends for this season in reining horse classes ?


“What are the show clothes trend for this season for adults and kids in both open show reining classes and reining shows?”-Ingrid S.

Your asking the wrong person! Let me illustrate….

Once for Christmas my husband bought me tickets to a fancy music thing in downtown Columbus. He also told me to go shopping for clothes. This might excite some women…but it struck fear in me. As the day approached I finally headed to the mall. Standing in the sea of clothes I was overwhelmed…so I phoned a friend.

Hobby horse color wheel, what to wear with your horse

Hobby Horse color wheel

I said, “Ann, I’m buying a black turtleneck and heading home.”

She replied, “No! I’m on my way, I’ll be there in 15 minutes!”

Ann successfully dressed me in a skirt and shirt that I never would have picked out…but really liked once they were on.

If in doubt…I call a friend. One of my ‘friends’ in the horse world is Suzi from Hobby Horse Clothing. Even before meeting Suzi, I loved her ‘color chart’ that helps riders match colors with their horses.

I see people wearing a wide variety of things. Some of it depends on the show with weekend shows generally more causal than the big shows. At weekend shows I will often wear a lightweight, feminine button down.

At the bigger shows, or if you just want to have fun, it is possible to see much fancier outfits. I have a couple of special shirts that I will only wear at big events because I would feel too overdressed at a weekend event.

Check out the photo below from the show a week ago. Jesse is talking to me one last time before I go into show….and do you notice I am wearing chinks?

Was it a fashion statement moment? Nope.

Actually, I went to hook my standard black chaps and the Chicago screw fell out, the chinks were in the same bag…I normally wear them for mounted shooting…but why not?

One piece of advice I got from K.C. at Charlie 1 Horse (my fancy hats) was something like….”Most people say you should pick one item to focus on; a fancy hat, a special belt, or a stand out shirt. People will say you should focus on one…but if you want to wear it all and you feel good doing it…then go for it.”

What event do you show in and what do you wear?

Stacy Westfall  wearing chinks at a show

Stacy wearing chinks…because her chaps broke.

Stacy Westfall Video

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