Day 2: A Masterclass with Charlotte Dujardin

What did I gallop home and try? Keep reading and find out…but first, let me tell you a bit more about the clinic. The clinic format was the same five riders each day. As an auditor, it was like watching five individual 45-minute riding lessons. Each horse...

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Day 1: A Masterclass with Charlotte Dujardin

Would it surprise you to know that I take my own advice when I attend clinics? What advice is that? I’m glad you asked! look for similarities. When you find similarities you will find a thread of training theory that runs true. be open-minded about the new...

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Untamed is a mindset.

Untamed. Unconfined, left to do as it will. The whole house has gutters, the barn too. But not this porch outside of my bedroom. “No gutters please”, I said to the builders. “The water will cause damage”, they said. “It will wash out the hill.” “It’s ok.” I said to...

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We are Jesse & Stacy Westfall. We have been married for over 20 years and we have three teenage boys. And pretty much everything we do involves horses.  When we met, it was through horses. When we married it was largely due to our common desire to have a lifestyle that revolved around horses. Our business is horses…and when we are done with our work…we saddle up and go for a trail ride.  We bought our last two homes based on horses and we have designed our newest house around, you guessed it, horses.  Follow this link to read blogs that reveal our thoughts and perspectives on varying topics such as rescue horses, goal setting, and much, much more!

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Emails, Facebook posts, phone calls, at events…more emails…. Many of you have asked questions and many have received answers. Sometimes it will be a quick email that only you see. Other times your question will become a blog post and receive a longer answer because many people have the same questions.

We love hearing from you and do our very best to get back with you in one form or another. My (Stacy) favorite way is to choose and email question and turn it into a blog post. This way you get my answer, other readers benefit, and others leave their comments too! Often these are words of encouragement or sometimes additional thoughts. 

With nearly 900 published blogs there is a good chance that we have covered the topic you are interested in. And if not? Feel free to send and email. Maybe your question will be the next blog post!

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What can a solid foundation do for your horse? Can you imagine a horse that was a champion in AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) reining, has achieve a level 4 (out of 6 levels) in the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association), has spent a summer teaching kids to ride at a summer camp and has qualified for USEF/USDF regionals in dressage (traditional not western)?  I can. Popcorn is now 14 years old and has done all of those things. Yet years ago in an article published in Americas Horse I called him, “Average Joe”. So how did he achieve all of this? I believe it is because of his strong foundation training. 

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We love helping horses reach their greatest potential.

For some that means being a solid family horse…

…but there are others out there, like Roxy, who can touch hearts around the world when they are given the ability to shine. 

We believe performance horses can be trained with understanding and compassion. We believe that horses, like humans, perform best when they are part of a team.

And we have proven it works. Check out the following blogs that explain our thoughts on performance horses.



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Clinics and lessons with Jesse and Stacy Westfall at their new facility in Loudonville, Ohio have begun! Whether you are interested in advancing your skills in the arena or learning new techniques for the trails we’ve got it covered. Private lessons, group lessons and clinics are now underway. To receive more info either email us with your questions or sign up using the form below.

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Whether you have a business that involves horses or support your horses with another form of income…chances are if you are reading this website you are somehow involved in both business and horses. It is our goal to explore business ideas and principals using our favorite common topic: horses!