Video: heartbeat of foal at 28 days gestation

This is a pretty cool video clip. Do you remember that in the blog where I announced that I was going to adopt from Last Chance Corral, I also showed a photo of the ultrasound confirming that our mare was in foal? This is the same mare.  This short video is from...

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How do you pick where you’re going to live?

I’m simultaneously excited and exhausted. Excited because I’m finally making my big announcement in this blog (give me a minute) and exhausted because- the cold I caught in April turned into something resistant to amoxicillin- and then became pneumonia. Ok, but now...

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Great insight and an effective teaching style have made Stacy Westfall one of the most popular and sought-after clinicians in the horse industry. Her famous bareback & bridleless championship ride, seen by millions on the Internet, led to an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.  In addition to her accomplishments within the reining arena, Stacy Westfall is the only woman to win the Road to the Horse colt starting competition. In 2012 Stacy was also inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. With her husband, Jesse, she presents clinics at venues worldwide to inspire and teach people how to build better relationships with their horses.