Almost ready for the tests to come.

As birthdays are a great time for reflecting…here goes. I’m 41 years old today. It is strange to think about it because I can very clearly remember my own mother at this same age. I can remember driving from Ohio to Maine to surprise her for her 40th birthday. I find...

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Visiting…and riding…Roxy’s foal: Roxter

While I was in Germany last month I had the opportunity to visit, and ride, Roxy’s son Roxter. I was excited about the opportunity but the emotions did catch me off guard. As many of you know Roxy had four foals via embro transfer before she died; Chloe, Roxter, Mia...

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Habits: 3 Points to Consider

When is the last time you stopped to consider your habits? Change is a great opportunity to consider your habits. We recently returned from a month long stay in Germany. It was a great trip and I could easily write several blogs about the horses seen, people met, and...

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Doing dumb things with horses…on accident

When is the last time you did something you knew better than to do…but did it anyway? My answer is yesterday. Yesterday I stuck my finger into a horses mouth while his mouth was open. I know better than to do that. I know the proper way, and when, to reach into a...

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Exercising to improve your riding

A few years ago I was a presenter at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. At the end of the event my mom drove down from Maine and picked the boys and me up and took us to her house. Jesse drove the horses back to Ohio and stayed their for a...

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Day 1 of Life on the road without Horses

Sixteen months ago we moved out of our house and began life on the road…with horses. Since that time we have traveled from coast to coast in our Fleetwood motorhome and our horses have been with us the entire time. Until now. Beginning today we are traveling without...

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Great insight and an effective teaching style have made Stacy Westfall one of the most popular and sought-after clinicians in the horse industry. Her famous bareback & bridleless championship ride, seen by millions on the Internet, led to an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.  In addition to her accomplishments within the reining arena, Stacy Westfall is the only woman to win the Road to the Horse colt starting competition. In 2012 Stacy was also inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. With her husband, Jesse, she presents clinics at venues worldwide to inspire and teach people how to build better relationships with their horses.