For years I didn’t like showing horses.

The pressure. The stress. The failure.

Sure, there were good times too…but why go through all of that?

Then I realized one day that the show was only a test. A test of my communication with my horse.

I couldn’t control the outcome. And I didn’t need to. I wasn’t there to win. I was there to take a test and see if my ‘homework’ had been done well enough that my test would go well.

The test wasn’t to see if I could win. It was to see if I could maximize the understanding between myself and my horse while UNDER PRESSURE.

Sure, winning is nice and I can enter classes where my horse and I have a better chance of winning…but when winning becomes the end goal very often horsemanship is sacrificed. Keep your respect for your horse high and let the placing be what they will be.

Below you will find more blogs about performance…read on!

The Bare Facts About Bareback Riding!

“Stacy, I love all your videos on training! I have a question. On riding bareback, I know there are benefits for the rider such as balance and seat. I also know there are possible risks to the horse. So is it something I should include in my training of me and my...

Multiple disciplines: Is fear holding you back?

I was wrong. That is a hard sentence for many people to say.  And without the ability to consider saying it…continue learning will be difficult. Learning is the process of opening your mind to new ideas. This is easier for children because they don’t have to say, “I...

A reiner at a dressage show.

FEI World Cup Dressage, Omaha, Nebraska, March 2017 I have to admit…I feel a bit out of place.  Aside from attending a small schooling show this is the first dressage show I have attended with the intent of being an avid spectator and fan of the sport. I have had a...

Where is your attention? written by Jesse Westfall

Recently, I was out riding with a lady whose horse had its head in the air and was looking off in the distance most of the time. The problem with a horse like that is they don't see the ground that is right in front of them and they tend to stumble when the ground in...

Complete list of Jobs that involve horses (almost)

"I am in love with horses and your blogs. Unfortunately I live in the city with no access to horses. I am sixteen and curious if you could give me a few possible jobs that involve horses, outside of vet and farrier." Thanks Paula S. I remember when I was a kid the...

Championship vs Horsemanship written by Jesse Westfall

I've heard it said that the highest level of everything has a dark side. Whether you're talking about athletics, business, government or the horse industry. The greed that we have as people is a sad thing to witness. To achieve something and show the world what we are...

What time of day is the best for training horses?

Most of the time we choose to train our horses as our schedule allows, first thing on a Saturday morning, just after school on a weekday or in the hour before dinner on a summer night. Others schedule to ride with their coaches once or twice a week, maybe 1:00 on...

Have you known of any horses fracturing their pelvis?

"Hi Stacy just curious as to your thoughts on this.... I traded a nice Gucci mare for her 1st foal which was born may 2013...I would visit her every week and at the 4 week old mark I noticed her right hind was hurt..she would walk on it but hold it up at the trot...

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