For years I didn’t like showing horses.

The pressure. The stress. The failure.

Sure, there were good times too…but why go through all of that?

Then I realized one day that the show was only a test. A test of my communication with my horse.

I couldn’t control the outcome. And I didn’t need to. I wasn’t there to win. I was there to take a test and see if my ‘homework’ had been done well enough that my test would go well.

The test wasn’t to see if I could win. It was to see if I could maximize the understanding between myself and my horse while UNDER PRESSURE.

Sure, winning is nice and I can enter classes where my horse and I have a better chance of winning…but when winning becomes the end goal very often horsemanship is sacrificed. Keep your respect for your horse high and let the placing be what they will be.

Below you will find more blogs about performance…read on!

Some of the horses we have trained while we lived here….

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The Incredible Ride by Carli (Thomas) Heringer

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T-H-I-N-K before you speak…written by Jesse Westfall

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Watch Reining Futurity Live online today!

The last big day of reining at the All American Quarter Horse Congress is today (not counting the freestyle). If you would like to watch the big futurity this afternoon, the Open finals start at 5 pm. To watch you can visit and click 'watch live'. Or try...

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