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  • 3…Workshops
  • 2…DVD’s
  • 1…Custom Calendar
  • 14…hours of learning!
  • Direct Access to ask your questions!

For the first time ever Stacy is offering a live, online learning experience with DIRECT ACCESS to interact and ask her questions. You can have a front row seat, from the comfort of your own home. Submit your questions live or ahead of time at your convenience. Join Stacy in a closed Facebook group where you will meet others committed to learning and have additional opportunities to interact with Stacy. 

Looking at this as a gift? Physical products will also be mailed out so you can have something wrapped up under the tree! (Personalized notes are also an option:)

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity!   

Workshop #1: Moving from Dreams to Goals 

Plan Your Riding Goals for 2018

Imagine leading your horse back to the barn, a sense of satisfaction welling up in you. You know   you are one step closer to reaching this years goal. You know you have made significant progress AND you know what you have planned tomorrow and next month so you can keep this feeling the rest of the year.

When you’re limited on time you need to be even more specific with your goals.

Losing motivation is easy if you can’t measure your progress.

Do you wonder if you should be working on basics…or if you have stayed in the basics too long?

Do you second guess your riding plan in the middle of a ride?

Have you ever saddled up, mounted up, and wondered what you should try to accomplish  that day?

Have you found yourself frustrated with your progress…or lack of progress?

Imagine having a series of questions you could answer that would help you discover your dreams.

Imagine the confidence of having other people to help you outline goals that inspire and motivate you to continue.

In this online workshop, Stacy will share with you her goal setting methods and framework. Presented live, you will have the ability to ask questions during the event. In addition you may submit your questions prior to the workshop and during the live Q&A time after.

Download the PDF’s, answer the questions as Stacy guides you and start 2018 with a clear plan. Having a clear plan is the first step in changing your dream into a reality.

Workshop #2: Raise Your Training IQ:

Learn how to evaluate horse training programs and methods…before you try them all.

So much information…and so much conflict. Is training a horse really this complicated?

A google search on trailer loading reveals 2.5 MILLION results!

How do you pick which advice to follow…and which to run from?

When and how quickly should you expect progress before you pick a different method?

Does it ever feel like there are millions of puzzle pieces…that don’t fit together?

It should. Because there are. 

How can you become aware of the differences without trying them all yourself? Is one right and another wrong…or are they just different means to the same end? Or a different end?

(Hint: All roads do not lead to the same end)

In this online workshop, Stacy will  empowering you to make educated choices, how to tell the difference between differing techniques vs conflicting philosophies. The reality is that you must find your own style in a world full of differences. Stacy’s downloadable PDF will give you a framework to evaluate any program you can observe…including Stacy’s.

Using this framework you can train your eye and ear while watching YouTube videos!

Practice using the framework that Stacy outlines and you will be equipped to ‘fast forward’ your understanding of why certain programs use certain training methods and timeframes…then you will be encouraged to come to your own conclusions of whether these methods are ones you would choose. 

Presented live, you will have the ability to submit questions ahead of time and to ask questions during the event Q & A. 


Workshop #3: Reading A Horses Body Language 

Shift your mindset around what your horse is saying to you.

It is the foundation. Without it your timing will be off.

Without it your results will be inconsistent at best.

Are you doing too much? Or too little?

Is he lazy…or tired?

Is he ‘hot’…or scared?

Is he distracted…or bored?

Is he confused…or testing you?

Is he missing his buddy…or disrespecting you?

Is he sad…or sick?

Is he mad…or in pain?

Is he afraid…or feeding off the timing of your release?

Is he anticipating to be helpful…or out of fear?

Does he trust you…or is he tolerating you?

Join Stacy as she illustrates each of these situations and discusses how she reads a horses body language. The step by step approach that Stacy uses will give leave you understanding how the pros evaluate and make decisions.

Would it surprise you to learn that Stacy has a system for reading a horses body language…and that the system changes?

Thats right. It changes.

Would you like to learn how and why the system is used differently depending on each individual?

Download the PDF outlining the process and take it to the barn. Or print a second copy and fill it out from memory to discover setbacks and different choices you could have made with horses in the past. The amazing thing about experiencing a mental shift in your thought process is that you are able to apply this to both past and future events to fast forward your understanding.

Full Workshop Package: What You Will Receive:

You will receive access to attend 3 (three) Workshop Webinars– Live with Stacy Westfall-totaling over 6 (six) hours of live interaction in a limited group setting. Printable PDF’s to support your learning experience. You will also have access to a private/closed Facebook group consisting of only those who have also made this investment in learning. Stacy will assist you by interacting with you before, during and after the workshop to ensure your questions regarding the workshop topics are answered during this five week period. All from the comfort of your own home!

You will also receive 2 (two) of Stacy’s DVD’s totaling over 7.5 hours of learning and a $120.00 retail value. This will ship for free and in time for Christmas (using this ordering/shipping schedule)

  • Chase Your Dreams DVD- Have you ever wondered where Stacy Westfall came from, what influenced her choices and how she ended up as the first woman to ever compete in AND WIN the Road to the Horse colt starting competition?
    In this DVD Stacy gives a touching account of her life, delivered while riding bareback and bridleless, at the 2006 Road to the Horse event. See childhood photos and hear Stacy describe growing up in Maine, how she became involved in freestyle reining and how she decided to begin competing bridleless.
    Whether you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious about where this horsewoman comes from, this account of how she chased – and caught- her dream is a must have.
  • Foundation for a Lifetime Series- This set contains four DVDs, over six and a half hours of training material.
    Follow the training of two year old, Jac, during his first year with Stacy Westfall. Jac is the last foal out of Whizards Baby Doll, better known as “Roxy”. Roxy touched the hearts of horse lovers around the world when she and Stacy Westfall made history with their bareback and bridleless freestyle reining ride.
    A key feature to the series is the “total training time” Jac has received to date, both on and off camera, displayed at the beginning of each session. Watch the pacing of Jac’s training as he goes from 0 hours to 125 hours of total training time. Although each horse is an individual, this is a useful gauge at what to expect.

You will also receive 1 (one) Custom Goals Calendar to keep you motivated during 2018. Stacy will explain how she uses this system to reach her goals while balancing life, family and business. $30 value. (this item will ship prior to beginning of Workshop series, possibly separate from DVD shipment-free shipping included)

Total Retail Price of Package- $600.00

Black Friday Limited Pricing-$297.00


Online Workshop Schedule

Online workshop webinars will take place over a five week period beginning the first week of January, ending the first week of February.

All online workshop webinars will contain live Q&A as well as replays for those with time conflicts.

All online workshop webinar will contain the ability to submit questions before workshop.

First online workshop webinar will be held the first week of January 2018.

Second online workshop will be held the third week of January 2018.

Third online workshop will be held the last week of January/first week of February 2018.

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