What does McDonald’s have to do with horse training? Well, lets look at this as a thought.

I watched a documentary the other day on the health benefits of juicing. By juicing I mean the process of using a juicer to extract the juice from fruits and veggies to drink. The theory is that you can juice MANY veggies and reduce them to just a few glasses of juice, drink that, thereby receiving the health benefits of eating a very large amount of veggies and fruit.

I do believe that juicing works. And that it has all of the health benefits it describes.

But do you know what I did with this information? I stressed myself out. I found myself in the grocery store looking at veggies and thinking ‘if it is not organic I won’t buy it.’

Then I caught myself. Why is it that I tend to swing so far? Why do I go from ‘pre-packaged junk food’ to ‘organic or bust’? Why not start slowly start improving?

Do you find this thought process in your life? Do you have this habit in your horsemanship?