Newt alfalfa

Horse mistakes manure for hay cubes…

Dear Uncle Louie,

 It was good to see you two weeks ago at the horse show in Ohio.  The trip was long going home but we finally made it back to Texas.

Do you remember how I was eating those cube things when I was at the show? I think they were called alfalfa cubes or something. Mom always puts water on them and I try to grab them out of the water before they turn to mush. I like them better when they are hard.

I was excited when we arrived back in Texas to see that a bunch of the cubes had been spilled all over the ground! I grabbed the nearest one before mom could put them in a bucket and get them all wet…..

…only it turned out that they were NOT hay cubes at all.

I spit and spit and spit but the taste is still in my mouth.

Your Nephew,