Dear Louie,

I know we really haven’t talked much since the Quarter Horse Con-ger-us last October but I overheard our moms talking and I thought I should warn you.Newt tied


No one warned me and I had to find out the hard way.

You see, my mom left me tied after we went for a ride the other night. It is an annoying habit she has, I dig a hole to tell her it is wrong, but she is a slow learner.

I usually just dig but this time I decided to untie the knot. It took awhile but I did it.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. There are these horses that come by and visit but I am always in my pen…except last week when my mom was riding me and they came running down the driveway. We didn’t have time to talk then though.Newt visits other horses

So when I untied myself I took off after them!

It was dark but I can see pretty good. I could smell them and it made it easier.

I was so excited! I ran right up to them and then BAM!

They kicked me!

Mom came and found me.

I just thought I should warn you.

Your bite your lip buddy,


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