Roxy's granddaughter

Roxy’s granddaughter

Dear Uncle Louie,

I am riting with good news. Too good news-es in fact.

Did you hear that we had a little couzin born today? She looks kinda small and wobbly but they say she should improve quickly. I think she looks a bit like you.

I also made an interesting discovery this week.

My mom has been riding me on a very loose rein…she even took the bridle off once.

That made it really easy to play in the dirt. I like digging in dirt with my nose.

Newt bow

Horses often bow on the way to laying down.

Well, I had my head down to push dirt and a thought occurred to me.

I don’t have thoughts often…so I decided to go with it.

You see, mom has been teaching me to lay down sometimes.

I like it.

It is easy.

She doesn’t have me do it while we are riding.

She should.

It would be easier.

So I decided to lay down.

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but as you are my uncle I will tell you. I got stuck half-way down.

It happened like this; mom asked me to move my hip, I did and I put my head down too, I had the idea to lay down, I buckled my legs and went down on my knees…and then mom started kicking me.

I guess she didn’t want me to lay down…but I couldn’t get up either (I fell over once trying and with her on me I didn’t want to do that)…so I just knelt there. She got off and got me up.

Newt 1st lay down

Newt’s idea

I wasn’t sure if she was happy I had the idea…or not.

Later, at the end of the ride she showed me a cue to lay down. I was so excited! She must have liked my earlier idea.

The next few days I tried laying down but I guess I’m only supposed to do it when she asks me to.

I will keep you posted. Maybe you should try it?

Rite back if you can,

Newt (Noodle)

Newt likes laying down on the job.

Newt likes laying down on the job.