Was that too direct? Well if it makes you feel any better I asked myself the same question and came up with the answer, “yes.”

I came to this conclusion while walking into the house from the cold barn. The weather is cooler (some say cold) and I was thinking I was hungry. Then I examined both of these thoughts a little closer. Was I really cold? Or was I just cool. Maybe even some would say refreshingly cool. Was I really hungry…or was I just beginning to feel a little hungry?

I determined I am spoiled. Always wanting perfect balance. Not too hot, not too cold. No sign of hunger, etc. Maybe I need to enjoy these ‘imbalances’ a little more. Isn’t a cool fall day a nice change from the heat? When does food have the best flavor…when you are ravenously hungry of coarse!

This is the exact thing that makes me sometimes annoyed with horses. For example I have ridden some horses that are raised in perfectly groomed pastures, only left outside to deal with the weather if-well if the weather is perfect. Oh, and there is a fly system in the stalls.

Brats. They are spoiled brats. Horses that must have perfect weather, can only stand to be outside for short times and can’t deal with flies are NO FUN to work with!

Give me a pasture raised, fly bitten, well adjusted, muddy, hairy horse…who knows life isn’t always in balance.