Horses and Business

Whether you have a business that involves horses or support your horses with another form of income…chances are if you are reading this website you are somehow involved in both business and horses. It is our goal to explore business ideas and principals using our favorite common topic: horses!

Our next major event is the upcoming Equine Career Conference. Read on below to learn about what we did last year in 2016 and see how you can get involved in 2017.

Equine Career Conference 2017

Do you wonder what it takes to make it in the horse industry?

Do you know you love horses but you have no idea how to get started in the industry?

Do your parents think your crazy for wanting to go to school for horses?

We know how you feel.

We have been there.


We made the leap.

Took the chance.

Worked the crazy hours….

…And we are here to tell you how we found success and how we handled failures.

The goal of this weekend is to bring together professionals from within the horse industry so they can share their stories, their experiences and most importantly- answer your questions.

The horse industry is HUGE with many options. Often people think of the big three: horse trainer, veterinarian or blacksmith as the only viable career paths but there are many more ways to pursue your passion with horses and make a career.

Let us introduce you to them.

“The clinic was outstanding, especially the ability of the attendees to have input on the topics at the clinic.”-2016 attendee

“Loved, loved, loved the chance to ask questions, especially the anonymous Q & A.”-2016 attendee

“Having a panel with a variety of insights and experiences is brilliant. Gaining from various perspectives, backgrounds and occupations is extremely helpful.”-2016 attendee

“Everything about the conference was so deliberate and thoughtful and reflected everyone’s desire to mentor, enlighten and encourage. Thank you!”-2016 attendee

Save the date!

November 3-5, 2017

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Email from 2016 attendee:

“We can’t compliment enough the idea and its initial execution. Nor can we express how indebted we are to all of the panelists and your MMR ‘supporting cast.’ It is clear that everyone’s heart is invested in the mission of the conference and they dynamic of the panelists’ interaction was perfect. We got exactly what we came for. It was worth every mile and every minute. Given the nature of the industry, the exuberance of horse-crazy people, the prevalence of misunderstandings, and the need for insider insight, you have helped your audience focus their time and talents in a much more deliberate way. You have changed lives with this conference, and made “our” industry much better. Thank you!” 

Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall


Matt Smith

Matt Smith


Jesse Westfall

Jesse Westfall


Check back for updates

Check back for updates


Molly Wagner

Molly Wagner


Check back for updates

Check back for updates


Follow the link below for more information on our speakers.

Event Schedule

Check back for updates!


Pre-Conference Clinic-more info coming

4:30–5:30 PM: Registration (Town Hall)

5:30 PM: Dinner and Welcome (Ox Yoke)

7:00-8 PM: Session 1 – Introductions & topic TBA

9:00 PM: Pizza and Snack (Ox Yoke)


8:00 AM: Breakfast

8:30 AM: Devotional 

9:00-10:30 AM:

A – Trainer-specific session

B –  Session specializing in non-trainer options

10:30 AM: Break

11:00 AM:

A –topic TBA

B –topic TBA

C –topic TBA

12:30 PM: Lunch (Ox Yoke)

1:30 – 3:00 PM:

A – topic TBA

B – topic TBA

C – topic TBA

3:00 – 4:00 PM: Using social media and online tools in the horse industry

4:00–5:30 PM:

A –English performance session

B – Western performance session

C – Natural Horsemanship session

6:00 PM: Dinner (Ox Yoke)

6:45–7:45 PM: General Q & A Session. Questions may be asked live or submitted anonymously on provided paper

Hosts: TBA

7:00–7:30 PM: Buckboard Store Open

7:45 PM–9:45: Networking session


9:00 AM: Message from the mount

10:30 Brunch

11:15-12:30 Closing thoughts

Event will be held at Miracle Mountain Ranch

student in classroom

The photos above are from our 2016 event. Follow this link to see more photos from the 2016 event. This event will again be held at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Spring Creek, PA in 2017.