This could be the break-through we have all been waiting for!

“Hi Stacy… Totally love following your blog and posts. Just thought I’d jump in here and share an accomplishment that makes me smile with pride and thrilled everyday. As you discovered, summer In Texas is brutal. We bring our two kiddo’s, a mare and gelding in between 12 and 6pm. It took being incredibly consistent, but every two hours I went to the barn and opened their stalls to the paddock just to give them a break and to allow time for our gelding to “pee” cuz he hates messing his stall if he can help it. With time and patience, when… and in the beginning it was more often… “if he did “go” I praised him, said good potty, and offered a hay cube. Eventually our mare caught on and both, almost in unison walk to their spot at the farthest side of the paddock and relieve themselves. Then I began backing up closer and closer to their stalls until I gave their treat only when they returned to their stalls. It’s several years now, and the every two hours has evolved into only one trip to the barn… Our gelding now bangs his door (politely… Just so I can hear him) to let me know “Gotta go!” They both retreat to their spots, go potty and immediately return to their stalls. When we long haul trailer anywhere they are exactly the same. They’ll wait for us to pull off the road ( always in a safe grassy off the highway rest area) we’ll let them out, they relieve themselves literally on their lead lines almost immediately and they get their hay cube treat and literally jump back in to get going again. I just wonder if anyone else has predictable potty trained BFF’s. Love, love, love our kids!”-MaureenCan horses be 'potty trained'?

I know two things;

1) others have reported that this is possible!

2) I have observed many horses that wanted to ‘pile’ their manure.

While I have not personally tried this, I have seen a horse that was trained to go outside the stall as you describe. I was young when I met the horse and owner and didn’t ask many question but my mom also remembers it and verified it. I will also share a link below to a forum discussion on the subject.

I HAVE personally observed that very often horses will pile their manure. I have heard and read several theories on the subject (yes, I study horse poo).

One observation that can be read about takes place In the wild horse population where the manure piles are called ‘stud piles’. People have observed that the stallions seem to mark their territory by piling their manure. I have had my fair share of stallions, mares and geldings over the years and I have noticed that the stallions do tend to have a stronger tendency. Maybe stronger tendency is the wrong phrasing…they seem to have a stronger motive. I have had many mares that were ‘clean’ in their stalls because they piled the manure, and some geldings as well, but the stallions do seem to have another motive.

I have seen stallions, when turned out in a common area paddock, walk around and poop on top of each pile of another horses manure. It was funny as the amount got less and less, lol, but the intent was clear=I’m marking my space.

Another theory I have heard is that the horses in the wild tend to pile the manure as a back up plan. This theory includes all, not just the stallions, and says that during extremely bad winters the horses can return and dig up the piles to eat. Compared to eating tree bark or starving I would guess that this could be pretty effective.

Now I need to know…has anyone else ‘potty trained’ their horse?

Over on this horse forum you can read a thread about this subject.