“Stacy-Hi from the U.K. , can you show us a pic of the bit you started jac in please, :) Lovin the vids and learning a lot :)

Here is a photos of one of my smooth snaffle bits…the one on Jac’s headstall is packed due to the move, lol. The photo is also a link.

smooth snaffle

Stacy started Jac in a smooth mouth snaffle

Nothing fancy. Not too thick or thin.

In the next episode of Jac (Episode 25) I switch to a twisted snaffle. I explain why in the video.

twisted snaffle

Stacy rides Jac in a twisted wire bit in Episode 25

Good news…when we were video taping Jac for Episode 25 I remember to show you the bit!

Watch for it on Wednesday, February 26th.