“I am in love with horses and your blogs. Unfortunately I live in the city with no access to horses. I am sixteen and curious if you could give me a few possible jobs that involve horses, outside of vet and farrier.” Thanks Paula S.

I remember when I was a kid the only jobs I could think of that involved horses were vet, farrier and jockey. For some reason I over looked some jobs that were right in front of me, for example, magazine writer. I read a horse magazine but didn’t really think about all the job opportunities that were offered inside of that: writer, photographer, editor, etc.

The list will be really, really long when you really think about it. So long in fact that the shorter way to find the answer may be to start with some of your other strengths and then see how they could intersect with horses. If you love long car trips, you could be a horse hauler. If you love kids, you could specialize in beginners camps. If you like braiding hair or grooming, you could become a groom on the hunter circuit. If you have a background in something like music ask yourself how that could intersect with horses.

Full time job grooming horses

This website has jobs listed for grooms.











I can start a list here and then people can add comments with more job ideas. I will try to remember to update the list:

  1. Barn Manager
  2. Horse Trainer
  3. Stable Hand
  4. VetTech
  5. Farrier
  6. Therapeutic Riding Instructor
  7. Horse Sitter
  8. Horse motel owner
  9. Assistant Trainer
  10. Riding Instructor-many levels, basic to Olympic
  11. Clinician
  12. Groom
  13. Stall Cleaner
  14. College Professor
  15. Stunt Rider or Double
  16. Circus Performer
  17. Web Designer
  18. Social Media
  19. Graphic Designer
  20. Mounted Police
  21. Writer
  22. Horse Artist
  23. Horse photographer
  24. Show photographer
  25. Magazine photographer
  26. Movie producer
  27. Screen writer
  28. Professional Rider
  29. Horse Show Manager
  30. Judge-many levels from Open show to breed specific
  31. Ring Steward
  32. Course Designer-trail, jumping, etc
  33. Jump Designer
  34. Mounted Guide-work for someone or own your own
  35. Design Horse Communities
  36. Dude Ranch Hand-work your way up to manager
  37. Dude Ranch Manager-work your way up to owner
  38. Dude Ranch Owner
  39. Horse Camp Owner
  40. Horse Camp Counselor
  41. Carriage Driver-weddings, events, downtown
  42. Rodeo Crew
  43. Rodeo Promotor
  44. Rodeo Clown
  45. Rodeo Pick Up Rider
  46. Jockey
  47. Racehorse Trainer
  48. Horse Expo Manager
  49. Exercise Rider
  50. Outrider at track
  51. Breeder
  52. Breeding Manager
  53. Broodmare Manger
  54. Stallion Manager
  55. Foaling Attendant
  56. Breeding Technician
  57. Massage Therapist
  58. Rehabilitation
  59. Equine Dentist
  60. Nutrition Specialist
  61. Feed Store Owner
  62. Feed Sales Rep
  63. Custom Leather Work
  64. Silver smith
  65. Inventor
  66. Clothing designer
  67. Gun smith (mounted shooting)
  68. Saddle maker
  69. Bit maker
  70. Announcer
  71. Auctioneer

What can you add to this list?