horses in pasture

Hope and Newt enjoying the pasture

Sixteen months ago we moved out of our house and began life on the road…with horses. Since that time we have traveled from coast to coast in our Fleetwood motorhome and our horses have been with us the entire time. Until now.

Beginning today we are traveling without our horses. They are taking a vacation, hanging out in pastures at friends houses, while we travel from Ohio to New York, Pennsylvania, Maine…and then Germany!

When we owned our home it was always hard to leave. At times getting everything prepped to leave seemed to be almost overwhelming; organizing, stocking, writing directions and walking people through what should happen…and what to do if things went wrong.

Traveling in the motor home seemed to solve most of these issues because everything goes with us. There is still organizing and stocking but in a way it is as normal as everyday living on the road.

horses in pasture

Lucy and Willow on vacation

The preparations for leaving on this trip has made one thing clear; the difficulty in leaving isn’t in what we own, or where we keep the horses, or who is watching them. The difficulty is in leaving them behind.

I know they are safe, are in good hands, and will enjoy their vacation while we travel…but we are not even out of the driveway and I can feel the pull to return.

I have convinced myself and Jesse that there will be horses all along the routes we travel and that we will have ample opportunity to ride, train and enjoy…but I have to admit that it won’t be the same as enjoying my own.

horse rolling in pasture

Newt enjoying his lazy summer vacation