Dear Mom,Louie at Congress

Newt is not a cool as I thought he was. Yesterday morning I wanted to play the biting game again and all he wanted to do was sleep!!

I banged my water bucket a loooonnnng time and he finally got up. I think he was mad because instead of playing with me he chewed on the wall that is far away from me. Did you know if you rip the outside off there is all of this white bumpy stuff inside that is easy to shred? Newt has a big pile in his stall.

One other thing. Yesterday when you took me for that walk I noticed that some of the other horses here get to play with COWS! I know we have worked hard on the spins and the slides and we still have our disagreements about the lead changes (why does it always have to be YOUR idea?)…..Louie sees 2013 Congress cow events

But COWS would be cool! Could we try that sometime?

Always your pony,