Dear Mom,Louie meets Jac

A new guy moved in today. His name is Jac.

It is sooooo embarrassing! You can totally tell that it is his first time at a horse show. He is all excited and annoying at the same time. I’m glad I wasn’t that immature at my first show….

Someone had to put him in his place.

After that I decided that I should be his teacher. Can you believe he doesn’t know how to play ‘can-I-bite-your-lips-while-you-try-to-bite-my-tongue’!!!

I will do my best to teach him. I feel it is my duty as his Uncle.

Mad Louie

Louie putting Jac ‘in his place’

Your Loyal Pony,

Sir Louie

*        *        *

Louie teaches Jac

Louie teaches Jac

Wondering who Louie is? Watch the video to see: