embrace this season of life for it is just that, a season.When I just plugged my phone it it displayed 2% charge…and my first thought was, “Well, it has more left than I do.” Ever have one of those days?

In a text I sent to a friend earlier to day I explained my delayed response by saying, ‘They started drilling post hoses yesterday (at new property), Jesse’s packed up and leaving for a horse show right now…The problem with living in a motorhome is that he took the house! The boys and I are headed to Pennsylvania on Sunday and they stay at camp until the first week of August. Plus the foals & other horses…crazy.” His response was great, “Oh my so I see life is slowing down for you a bit, ha ha.”

It is easy during a crazy-busy time period to begin to dream about taking some of the items off your plate. And maybe you should. Especially if they don’t fit your long term goals. 

But if they do fit your long term goals, maybe you should just go with it. It’s a season and it’s for a reason. I’ve survived these seasons before…and I bet you have too.