Dear Stacy,Funky Chicken or elbow flapping with a horse

“The normal personal space in South Africa is about 20cm. My preferred personal space is three times that. After watching the Jac videos, I very nearly started flapping my elbows to make the offenders back up in a line at the store today.”

-Funky Chicken Lover

I understand your urge completely. My personal space is also greater than 8 inches.  I think you will find that the ‘funky chicken’ elbow flap will work quite well in that situation also. However, you should always have a back up plan. Also consider;

  1. wearing your barn cloths directly to the store
  2. wearing your muck boots directly to the store…cleaning is NOT recommended.

I have found that these methods are also quite effective and are more subtle for increasing personal space while shopping. Remember, it is always good to have options.

To see the Funky Chicken explained with a horse see Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac-Episode 2, at 5:55 in the video.