Just when you think your day is planned this happens:

All I can figure out is that she must want a scar that matches Prestos … but bigger.

Thankfully I have handy friends and family. Here is a selfie, shot by my oldest son Caleb, as he holds the fillies hip. Carlye, a retired nurse is cleaning and closing the wound (talented friend) and then there is me. Staring blankly out the door. On purpose. Because the other option is that I pass out. I’m good at holding but waaaaaayyyyyy not good with blood. Or wounds in general. It is a small miracle that I gave birth to three children. I almost didn’t have to lay down flat for routine pregnancy blood draws by child three. Almost.

As you can see the wound closed nicely. We (ok,not me) used that special glue from the vet. My mom uses superglue on herself but, you know, its a horse so we buy the extra good stuff! (my son also told me that he glued himself together over the summer. These are the things you learn during ‘family outings’ to the barn).

Now here’s my other big contribution. I put lovely pink Swat fly repellent around the wound. Ta-da!

Now for the nail biter…will she rub it out as it heals or will she leave it alone? Oh, I should also mention she is up to date on tetanus.

Are you as squeamish as me? When do you call the vet vs treating yourself?

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