hi Stacy, i have kind of a strange question. we adopted this 4 year old morgan.sometimes he’s a very good boy, other times crazy and dangerous. we have taken him to 2 different trainers. one trainer gave up and kicked us out. he said there are 2 different horses in him. the trainer where he is now says he is the first horse he can not train. he says there is something wrong upstairs (if you know what i mean). he says he is dangerous and not trainable. my daughter is 17. she will not give up on him and i worry for her sake. but we both love him. my question is do you believe there are horses that can not be trained? i hope you can answer this and maybe give me some belief that they are wrong. thank you so much. Mary

You have asked for a big thing-how to give you hope without giving you poor advice. First off, I cannot speak directly about your horse. I do not know him. I also cannot judge him by the two trainers as I do not know them…but it isn’t a good sign that they both had the same idea.

You can find story after story about horses that were once ‘crazy’ and someone got through to them. I do believe that this happens.  I also do believe that a certain number of humans, people, struggle with chemical imbalances, etc in their brains. I believe that a certain number of dogs struggle with similar issues. And I believe the same is true for horses.

Thankfully it is pretty rare. But I do think it happens. I know that this is not much of an answer but it is the best I can do in an email. Consider having more professionals evaluate him. Look for someone who specializes in troubled or problem horses and/or natural horsemanship.  And please be safe.