“Hi Stacy, just to follow on with this a little, I have been following your Jac series with interest. Very thought provoking and inspiring stuff. It got me thinking about the differences between a very well bred horse like Jac’s brain and others without such amazing bloodlines. Do you notice a marked difference in the brain and trainability of the well bred reining horse?-Scott”

The best way for me to try to describe it is to compare the horses to dogs. A horse like Jac that comes from a line of horses that has been breed specifically for reining is like buying a border collie that has come from a line that was bred specifically for herding.

Big breed associations like Quarter Horses have bloodlines in them that are well known for certain traits. Training theses horses has a familiar feel because they have been breed for physical and mental traits. Just as a collie will work livestock more naturally that a doberman a reiner will often train easier than one not bred for it. It makes the training easier…but doesn’t necessarily mean that the horse is more intelligent, just that it excels in that area.

Buying a horse with unknown bloodlines or bloodlines that aren’t sport specific might be like going to the pound and adopting a dog. The unknown factor doesn’t mean that the dog is less intelligent or less trainable and amazing animals pop up in many places…..just watch this bunny rabbit!