What is the furthest you have hauled a horse without unloading? Where do you unload? Have you ever seen someone unload in a situation you thought was do not unload livestock road signdangerous?

I have written several blogs about traveling with horses.

Plus, I did an entire series of trailer loading videos, sponsored by Tekonsha (they make brake control systems for horse trailers) that is available on YouTube;

I personally don’t unload on the road very often for safety reasons. I do evaluate my horse and what kind of shape they are in, as they claim that riding in a trailer is roughly equivalent to a horse walking; 2 hours in trailer is similar to the horse walking for 2 hours. I have even been known to borrow a stock trailer if I felt that the horse needed to be able to move around more than they can in a slant load. I think each situation is different but I would love to hear how you handle hauling also.