Now first things first. I need to make it clear that I do believe that there are two ways to look at the Humane Society here. Probably more than two but let me make my point. The local people who volunteer are good heart-ed, well meaning, often self sacrificing people who need to be applauded. Unfortunately, the numbers provided by the HS itself don’t support the idea that this idea carries on up the ladder.

Why doesn’t more money go to the animals? Why does it cost $175.00 to adopt a dog from the HS? What about horses? Where are all the donations going?

Here is another thought. Right now you can probably open a newspaper or go online and find a free puppy or kitten within miles of your home. Or you can go adopt one and pay, lets just say, $200. I know, I know, that money pays for the spay/neuter and shots…and in theory you will be paying that for your ‘free’ local pet. But lets say you don’t. You take the ‘free’ one and forget to get around to spaying or neutering until there are a few more litters of cats in town.

If this were a business (reducing unwanted animals) then you would have to be forced to look at the ‘free’ kitten down the road as competition. Now lets say you had some financial backing…maybe millions of people donating or something. How about this:

Spay and neuter pets and then GIVE them away. What customer, when shopping for a new pet, wouldn’t see THAT as an added benefit. Heck, they might even take a short class on proper pet care to receive that! And all those ‘ooops’ kittens don’t even exists….

What are your thoughts? How can this be modeled with horses?