Maybe you can help me come up with this answer. I was in the barn yesterday and I was thinking about my mare back in Maine, the first horse I ever owned (I did have a pony before her). She is 32 now. She looks amazing from a distance but up close you can see her knees are full of arthritis.

She has had great care. I rode her a lot between the ages of 5 and maybe 12. Then she was ridden lightly. My pony was 32 and mostly blind when she got pneumonia and was put down.

How long do horses live? Some say 24-35. One horse is reported to have lived to 51. How old is the oldest living horse YOU have ever seen (not found on the internet please).

And for you math people (I am not one) can you help me out with this. If we use 35 (or what ever number you like) and then we use the average human life (as 78 per the CDC website) than every horse year equals 2.2 human years.

So a horse that is 5 years old is the equivalent of 11 years old.

And a horse that is 10 would be 22.

And 20 would be 44.

And 30 would be 66.

And 40 would be 88.

Does this seem right? What age is your horse and how is he/she physically? How does he/she compare to the human equivalent?