equine massage school

What equine massage school would you go to?

I guess everybody is unique. I love, and benefit from, chiropractic and massage work done on my own body. My husband thinks both are just O.K.

I have seen horses that have had both of these responses; some seeming indifferent and others who had dramatic improvement in performance.

So here are my questions: Have you ever taken a massage therapy course for horses? If you use an equine massage therapist: do you know where they were certified?

I realize that a two day weekend course won’t be as intensive as a two year course but I am thinking of looking for a short course to take. Newt and I had a talk the other day (actually I was doing some YouTube massage techniques on him) and he agreed I should take a course. He liked what I did but wanted more.

A quick google search came up with Equissage, The Masterson Method, as well as several schools that vary in length from a few weeks to a few years. Does anyone know about these programs?

———–FOLLOW UP————-May 10, 2016

I just finished reading your inquiry about equine massage course recommendations and the 47 comments from last year in 2015. I am wondering if you ever pursued this further and if so, what school you decided on or would consider. It has been a challenge sifting through the various curriculums offered and am trying to make a final decision.

Thank you in advance for your response! -Dale G.

I ordered the DVD from Mastersons program and added some of their work into my daily routine. I would like to take a hands on course but haven’t made the time for it.
I will be using it only for the horses in my barn (not as a business) so I think I will keep picking up bits here and there. I had one of my horse worked on by a pro at a horse expo and added a couple of the things I saw done there also.
If you’re looking into it, I hope you found the comments helpful! Let me know what you decide & if you like it…I love learning!