Every horse tells a story. Their own story, their own way that they view the world.

Young horses are often easier to read, similar to human children, as they don’t have as many layers of experience or ‘training’.

Older horse can be more complicated because they have learned to have certain expectations of people or situations. Their reaction could be a trained response or their true thought on the subject. A trained response could be healthy (good training) or unhealthy (accidental or poor training). Until the horse is exposed to good training and changes their belief system…their story…they can appear to be inconsistent, challenging and difficult. This is often a reflection of their confusion. It is hard to trust a system that you don’t understand.

It is up to the trainer to discover the horses true thoughts and guide them in a healthy direction, to help them rewrite their story.

Every horse tells a story.

Stacy documented the first year of training with Jac…watch is story as it was being written. Four disc set, click photo for more details.