I really considered NOT sharing this. It is so strange that it seems fake, like a set up or something but it wasn’t. I decided that it is silly to skip telling the truth just because it so strange that people may not believe. You decide.

Yesterday I decided to haul Jac to ride at a neighbors place. I am taking Jac to the All American Quarter Horse Congress next week for a big debut and didn’t want the Congress to be his first trip away. I got there and chatted awhile. The arena owner asked me if I wanted the radio shut off, or the station changed or anything and I said no.

I decided that because of the Congress I was also going to change saddles. I wanted to ride him in something a little 2006 Tulsa saddlemore ‘fitting’. As I saddled him up I thought about how poignant the moment was, Jac wearing the saddle that his mom had won.

Jesse walked in, made no comment as I swung my leg over Jacs back. And then it happened.

Jesse said, “Do you hear that?”

Goosebumps were already racing up my arms. The hair on my neck standing up. ‘Yes.’

“No one’s going to believe this.” He said.

“Take a picture and I will do a blog,” I said.

“Picture? No, video-let them hear it.” Jesse said.

“OK, but video the saddle fender first, and quick.”

Watch the video-make sure your volume is turned up: