Free stuff? Why?

That’s a great question!

I believe that we can create situations that are win-win-win. When I’m training a horse I want to have a relationship with that animal. In order to do that I need to see life from his perspective so I can create situations where he can also see what I am after. This also means a lot of communication back and forth between horse and rider. It results in a win-win situation.

Not everyone thinks that way.  Some trainers use methods that get results…but at the expense of the horse. I call it training robots because they aren’t interested in what the horse thinks…just in what they can get the horse to do. That would be a win-lose situation.

Over the years I have looked for companies that also believed in win-win situations. I like to educate people about horses. It makes the horse world a better place. I find companies that have great products and also want to educate. When we team up we can bring you, our customer, free information… win-win-win.

Two of the companies I have made educational videos with are Tekonsha and Weaver Leather.

Tekonsha is one of the companies I have worked with for years. When we teamed up we made a series of videos on trailer loading. The company is named after the town in Michigan where they started the business and they are leaders in the trailer brake industry.

Weaver Leather has sponsored a number of educational products over the years including a free DVD ‘Ride Safely on the Trails’, my video series ‘Stacy’s Video Diary’ as well as many live events around the country. In ‘Stacy’s Video Diary’ we followed the training of Roxy’s last foal from Day 1 until he had over a year of training. He went from dragging me out of the video screen (really, check out episode 3) to spins, slide and lead changes.

Both companies have helped improve the level of knowledge in the horse world through supporting education…free to you our customer. Now do you see why I call it a win-win-win situation?