Cool photo from RosieMarketing…quote added by me:)

Some days just require a little more motivation. For me that might be reading something inspirational, talking to someone that I find encouraging or encouraging someone else.

Yesterday was one of those days. This prompted me to search for quotes.  Then I searched for pretty pictures (thanks Donnie). The result was this photo quote. It inspired me and I put it out into the world with the hope of encouraging others. 

I seem to be going through some kind of transition period that I don’t fully understand myself. Maybe that is why this quote resonated with me. In a way, it seems I am moving closer and closer to ‘discovering why.” 

As is typical for me, I seem to learn these lessons first with my horses and then later…sometimes much later…I figure out that the same theory applies in my day to day life. I am beginning to see that when these two things intersect; my understanding of horses and my understanding of life, I could experience that second great day. I believe I have touched my ‘why’ on and off…and off…and on…

If you want a good laugh, one of my more recent ‘discoveries’ is that I think, at my core, I am a writer.

With over 900 published blogs and a published book you would think this may have occurred to me a bit sooner. But. Nope.

It’s a good thing I’m committed to life long learning!

Have you discovered your ‘why’?