When you are cut off while driving your truck and trailer do you swerve to avoid an accident? I know I do. It seems like people figure all that extra space I leave in front of me for ‘sufficient breaking distance’ is viewed by many drivers as open lane that they can pull into.

Earlier today I posted the following question that was emailed to me by Tiffany. 300 legs

“In 2012 my husband and I were hauling our horses back to the trainer when someone pulled out in front of us. My husband avoided hitting the other driver, but my horse got hurt really bad in the process. His back leg got caught under a partition gate and tore all the ligaments off the bone. It has been a long process, but I saved him and his life. He had to have immediate surgery, which I paid for. Now, the other guys insurance is refusing to pay because there was no collision so therefore there shouldn’t be any damages. Obviously, we are going to court, but we are looking for evidence to help us in court. Documentation of this happening before or something that can help our case. I know you can reach and know many people and maybe someone could offer something. I have been fighting for my horse and refuse to give up on him. I am his voice. I have a whole album of pictures on my Facebook of the whole surgery and all. I was in with him during surgery. I appreciate anything that you can offer to help my Whiskey Dent!!!”

If you have ever heard of a situation like this feel free to leave a comment and I will make sure Tiffany sees this post.

 The following are comments from my Facebook page after posting Tiffany’s question, the comments raise even more questions;

  • Did you get a police report by any chance? Always make a police report. If the other driver was cited you may have a chance. Their auto collision and liability insurance probably won’t pay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sue him.
  • Unfortunately a lot of times you don’t stand a chance unless you take the paint of the other vehicle with you.
  • Just went on an accident last night where a motorcycle rider had to lay his bike down because someone pulled out in front of him. There was no collision between the two but the cops still cited the driver that pulled out for failure to yield. His insurance will still have to pay for the riders injuries. Not sure if the same rules apply in your state or to horses but maybe?
  • Get a lawyer… I wish that we would have gotten the plate number of the guy that did that to us… Our old boy fell and did the splits, our vet bill was $1,100…
  • Next time hit them. If you don’t have enough time to brake to avoid hitting them, that’s their problem. Pulling out in front of a trailer is like pulling out in front of a semi, except more lives are involved with the trailer.
  •  I didn’t read all answers in depth, but I will say that I am appalled that anyone would consider HITTING another vehicle while towing! Not only do you put that driver and occupants in jeopardy, but you also put yourself, your vehicle occupants AND your horses, rig, contents in jeopardy!
  • Same thing happened to a customer of mine but her truck and trailer WAS hit by an on coming car. The insurance paid for the trailer damage (new trailer) but would not cover any of the horses costs. It is almost like the don’t recognize what is IN the trailer … only people and vehicles. I wish you the best!