Help! Should I start a second blog site? Or just add more content to this blog and Facebook?

I have the urge to blog and discuss topics that are NOT horses…for example marriage, kids, homeschooling….the stuff that happens in my life that is more indirectly related.

So….separate site?

If you are here for ‘horse’ stuff….how would you feel about a post that was my favorite recipe or about me homeschooling my kids?

I bought two other domains already just incase….

yourlifeyourwork…com  —–work is so closely tied to life


mastertheartofliving….com  ——- I don’t just want to ‘live’, I want to ‘master the art of living’

Would it be more confusing for me to have two sites….or more useful because I have ‘horsey’ and ‘non-horsey’ topics?