horse auction

I just watched a horse-almost- sell for $180,000.00. The bid went to $180,000.00 but the owner decided to not sell his stallion at this price.

I would guess that the general view of horse auctions is that there is a huge chance of the horses ending up at slaughter, which may be true at some – but not all – auctions.

At this auction the current owners have gone out of their way to give their horse the best opportunity. Many made videos and have x-rays available as proof that their horses are sound. One of the best ways to protect any horse is by providing training. Most auctions also allow for a horse to have a reserve, or minimum, that must be reached.

Auctions have their highs and lows. There are two more auctions here over the next two days. It is very likely that todays horse will NOT be the highest seller over these three days.

I have also attended auctions where the highest selling horse didn’t reach $1,000 dollars and horses did go to the killers. Those sales are hard for me to attend.

I have written several blogs on the subject of selling horses such as the one titled, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”. There seems to be a perception that selling is somehow wrong or an unjust thing to do. Viewing this subject from the other side, almost every horse owner has bought a horse at one time.

When you bought your horse where did you buy from? What information did you have? Did you trust the seller? Do you think the seller represented the horse to the best of their ability?

Have you ever sold a horse? What method did you use? Have you followed the horse to see what has happened?