“Hey Stacy! I just did a report over horse cloning, and I was wondering if you had ever thought of cloning Roxy?” -Lindsay

I would love to see some of your report, maybe you can post some of what you learned here in the comment section. It has been several years since I have heard much about cloning and I haven’t really followed it.Roxy aka "Whizards Baby Doll" and Stacy Westfall

I never did consider cloning. I imagine that everyone has their own opinion on the idea, but for me it never seemed attractive. I love each horse for its uniqueness, their personality and their interaction. I look at them so much like a friend that for me it would be like cloning one of my human friends…which seems a bit strange.

I guess another way to say what I mean is that I don’t really see the point, for me personally. When I look around the world there are so many horses that could be amazing that I am more tempted to give one of them a chance than to clone. Roxy wasn’t a horse that people were lined up to buy…until after she was trained. I also believe that there are more horses out there that could be unique and special in their own way.

Even from a performance stand point I find it interesting that the Texas A&M website states , “…as well as possible health problems associated with cloned neonates makes it unlikely that the cloned offspring will perform at the same level as the donor animal.”

I believe that horses are a bit like people, there are a lot of great ones out there and I personally enjoy the hunt.