Can someone out there help organize this topic? When I read the comments it is challenging to get past the defensiveness. What I am looking for is NOT the reasons why you should or shouldn’t support slaughter. I am interested in people submitting OTHER IDEAS.

We all seem to agree that there is a problem with overpopulation. That is a start.

I suggested euthanasia as an alternative. It was very interesting to hear the feedback of the costs involved in the vet fee as well as the burial. If you know what it costs in your area please leave a comment telling those numbers below.

Slaughter seems to have been discussed as an alternative because of cost.

Please propose ideas, or even better provide links, to places that have offered viable alternatives to slaughter. If you are proposing ideas please include at least a rough idea of where the money will come from as this seems to be the strongest argument for slaughter as of now.