Hi Stacy, my name is CJ… i have a 5yo arab/tb/belguim x that we had to hand rear… (his mom tried to kill him… literally) so we managed to get him going, he’s finally starting to behave more horse-like for the first few yrs he was literally afraid of other horses! he only was comfortable with his half bro and his mom.. (they are 1 wk apart in age) so my question… since he was hand reared.. he thinks im his mom… and is overly protective of me whether in or out of the herd, and on his back or on the ground.. he feels he must put himself between me and whomeever he feels is too close to me..they dont even have to be agressive to me.. ive tried to figure out if its just that he wishes to be near me… but he has kicked out at other horse/riders (who share the same paddock with him) if he felt they got to close.. (yes i did my best to let him know this is not ok) soo.. i have your dvds but this situation is not ‘normal’ and i so would luv ur feedback here… gyp also doesnt really like my hubby riding him either.. he mis-behaves with him on his back.. where he doesnt wiht me… i no you are rediculously swamped with things but, if you could spare a moment n perhaps a helpful hint or two i would b ever so grateful. i dont want him to be a problem horse, i want him to b the best horse he can and be able to know that if anything happened to me he could be a safe and realiable boy for anyone else. i feel i owe him that. thanking you in advance for takin the time to read this! all the best i hope to hear from u cj.


It sounds like an interesting situation!
If he thinks that he needs to protect you then he is also saying he is above you in the pecking order. Try being more firm with him and when he is controlling the other horses YOU need to step up and be the assertive one that controls him.
Same thing for your husband when he is around him.
Ride with Faith,
Stacy Westfall