Just as seeds can be planted for good…weeds can also be planted in horse training. Sometimes this is the result of abuse. More often it is simply not knowing how complex and perceptive horses are on a daily basis.

Popcorn eating weeds

Popcorn eating weeds….lol

Whether these are seeds of good or weeds…the first thing to grow are the roots. Often people don’t know they have a problem (a weed) until it pokes it’s head above the ground. Other times it is a full blown tree before the owner realizes they wanted an apple tree….but planted an oak!

The sooner you realize you have a problem (a weed) the sooner you should get started on fixing it. Maybe that is taking a lesson, watching a DVD, reading a book, or going over to a friends to ride. Or maybe it is sending your horse to a pro.

The deeper the roots – the bigger the job.

I say this to be encouraging…not discouraging. Know you have a big job.