Dear Stacy,

“…I am wanting to train horses. But I am a very hands on person. I love watching the training videos but my way of learning in to be right there in the action if you know what I mean. I want to be taught how to train. I am currently waiting to apply to murray state university for equine science. I love you techniques. I have looked at the Parelli’s and Clinton Anderson’s horse training programs but they are so expensive. With that being said have you ever thought of having a apprentice program or do you currently have a program like that other than clinics. My husband and kids are a big part of my life and my other part are my horses. I have been out of the horse world for so long 10 yrs as in owning my own horse that is. But when I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to work with horses. But put all my dreams aside to take care of my mom and sister when I was in high school. And I don’t want to just be a stay at home forever. I want to live a little and by working with horses that makes me feel like I am living a little more of my dreams when I was younger. I love how being around my horses make me feel so free. And no matter what problem I am having any day of the week, I leave it all outside the gate when I enter my pasture. If you do have anything like a apprentice program how much would it cost to learn from my favorite horse trainer?”


Thanks for writing. I don’t currently offer an apprentice program. I do LOVE the idea and get questions about it weekly.

For me, the biggest challenge in life is finding balance. As much as I would love to offer a program, I am choosing not to until my kids are grown. Having said that….

I do have an interest in helping people get started in the horse industry. I am working on putting together some information to help people who are considering the equine industry as a profession.

Ride with Faith,

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