This video is a little slow and far away for the first 1:30 but then it gets better. I thought about cutting out the first minute but it explains so much that I didn’t want to. After 1:30 it gets very funny!

Learn to read your horses body language everywhere and you will understand them better when you ride them. For example look at how careful Vaquero is in the mud compared to the others. What does this say about how he thinks?

Also notice how animated they are with their body language while they are in the mud. Watch all three with their tails. There are no bugs and watch how aggressive they get with wringing their tails (1:50) just before they lay down.

Did you see how to teach your horse to sit like a dog? Re-watch (2:22) and look at the position Popcorn get in. Also watch his right ear. Have you ever been riding a horse that put its ear flat out to the side like that? In most cases when that happens there is something physically disturbing the horse. In this case it is water in the ear but I have seen it from the headstall catching and pulling hair, etc.

Get to know your horses in many situation and see if you can begin to ‘see’ deeper and learn more. Do you think this would work with people also?