I often tell people that when they are riding their horse they need to realize that they are either making deposits or withdrawals. When we interact with our horses, our children, etc we are either making deposits or withdrawals. It is human nature to believe that we are doing neither and are instead on a plateau.

There are no plateaus. You are either doing one or the other and if you are not SURE which one it is….then you are making a withdrawal.

Watching TV is often a place where as a family it is easy to pretend we are spending time together. But unless there is active discussion around what we are watching together it is generally not a deposit, and therefore it is a withdrawal.

You will most often recognize deposits because they involve planning and/or work. When you go trail riding do you make an effort to improve things or do you cruise along enjoying the show?

Watch for tomorrows post “Is just enjoying your horse bad?”