Does Jac like Texas? It sure looks like it.

HIs first day was exciting. He was shocked when a group of horses came wandering down the road and stopped by to say, “Hi.” The way the stall barn is designed is GENIUS! Mike designed it and I will have to do more photos but basically the horse have large stalls that open into runs. The cool part is that the back wall of the stall completely opens into the run, or completely shuts them into a stall. Also the ‘run’ has an overhang. Photos of that later.

Jac visiting the roaming horses

Yesterday, I went to ride and Jac was out in his run sleeping in the sun. I put the halter on but he was just content to sleep. Eventually he consented to a ride…he was very relaxed. Jesse video taped it and I will post it in the future.

sleepy Jac

I still really enjoy the ‘horse wildlife preserve’ feeling around her. Will all 200 plus acres fenced it is neat to go ride and find horses. It is also just plain fun to see what horses with the freedom to roam do. Trying to sneak into the barn is always high on their list of activities…this still surprises Jac when they do get in, lol.

Below is a video of what we frequently find when we come home. It was just getting dark and we came around a corner in the drive and…well, hit rush hour traffic in the driveway!