I want to buy the package with all the dvd’s because I love the methods. However, I need to know if it will fix this problem I have, I bought a pony that can walk like the wind, but always wants to go faster and faster on a loose rein. Like the faster walk you ever saw. He is not gated. I was wondering if her videos show how to keep this horse in a gate without wanting to go faster and faster. I want this horse to be for my kids by next year. Will the DVD’s address this problem? Beka

Bad news, that specific thing is not on the DVD’s. Good news, I can explain it here and the other stuff on DVD’s will help things also (especially the ‘Basic Body Control’ DVD.) So, here we go:

To slow the gait down on a loose rein, use the reins to slow the pony to the desired gait or slightly less. Once there release the reins and let the pony make the mistake of speeding up. Let say you want him to walk at a speed of 2. Once he reaches 2.5 or 3, slow him down to 1.5 or 2. Release and repeat often. Repetition it the key here as well as releasing and letting the mistake happen. Start with 30-40 repetitions per day for a couple of weeks and then review where you are at.

The bigger issue is that you may be trying to change something that is also part of his general make up. For example I am sure you know people who can’t stay still, even as adults they are always moving and always working. My grandmother is still like this. My grandfather on the other hand enjoys sitting around more. This is part of who they are.

Sometimes people are frustrated with their horses because they are trying to change something that is part of who they are as much or more than a training issue. Food for thought.