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Riding five days per week shows a commitment to learning, improving and hopefully enjoying your horse. Most people who ride regularly also have goals. Goals are not always show related. It is perfectly acceptable for your ‘goal’ to be enjoyment of your horse!

I am curious though…what motivates you to ride five days per week? I would love to hear your goals. Maybe there will be a way that I can help you achieve them. If you have the time to share them with me please email me at I really need a better email address….

Because you are serious about learning I think you will enjoy the video below. To some it may not seem action packed…but to those who like to learn the small details…it is full of them!

Also, if you are interested in possibly attending a clinic with me in the future there are two ways you can do that right now.

#1- You can text the word, attend, to the number 44222

#2- below the video on this page there is a sign up form where you can add your email.

Either way you sign up you will ensure that you will be the first to hear about any upcoming clinic opportunities.

You might also enjoy my training series on Youtube (click here to check it out)



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