“Stacy. I have a 9 yr old Qtr mare that I have just purchased she is broke and quiet but has no training she is stubborn about some things like loping. My question is would it be best to start with your beginner videos even though she’s 9? She’s mostly been backyard rode by kids. Thank you.”Michelangelo quote

I always go back to the beginning. Even when my ‘finished’ horses take a break over the winter I go back and practice the basics. It doesn’t hurt to ground drive an older, broke horse….so why not?

The other fun thing is that by going back you can look for weak areas in the training AND you can take the ‘basics’ to a higher level. The only real difference between basic groundwork and liberty work on the ground is that someone has taken the time to MASTER the basics with their horse.

Yep, do it all, and the next time around see if you can do it even better. Then repeat.