In the summer we took a trip to Colorado stopping in Larkspur to do a clinic and then exploring the state. One of our stops was Mesa Verde. It was well worth the trip. As we drove Jesse offered the boys a dollar to anyone who saw unusual animals and of course, wild horses.

On our last day, driving out of Mesa Verde a small herd was spotted. In excitement we backed the van up for a closer look. The group was a bachelor band of stallions. It was hot and they were not very active. I noticed one horse in particular while were watching. I wish I had my better camera (not just my phone) in hand to zoom in more.

This horse had an injury to his ‘private part’ that was very swollen and could not be retracted fully. It made me wonder what would happen to him in the dry heat. There were some flies, less than Ohio, but still it makes me wonder how friendly ‘natural’ is.