As the holidays approach and we, the slightly older crowd, reflect on the past it brings to mind some interesting questions. Does technology help or hurt?

I know that I have recently posted about remembering a loved, and now gone, horse-asking how you remembered yours. I know that I personally went on a small quest to find video footage of the long past rides we had shared…even if it was just a short clip from a friend at a show. My Mom reminisced that she only has one photo that is any good of the horse she had while I was growing up.

But as I tell my kids stories, even just the silly day to day stories of things that I saw happen in the barn, I notice how they light up. Sure I could have captured the moment with my iPhone when Scrapper and Twinky were biting each other in a game of who could annoy who more…but would it have really captured the moment? Or as I laugh and  get excited about trying to recreate this for my children do I bring more to the table than the iPhone?