My mom posted on Facebook about a recent heatwave in Maine….when she woke up it was -23.8 but in only a few hours had warmed up to -21.6! Brrr….Mini's in the snow, horses in the cold

It is said that horses are well developed to handle the cold. When I look at my mini’s…I completely agree.

With the other horses at my place I have noticed they tend to be individuals even when it comes to hair growth.  Same feed, same stalls or pasture…but still they don’t all grow the same hair coats. Some are thick (none as thick as the mini’s) and some make me wonder how they would survive!

Horses with naturally short hair coats can seem easier but when it gets cold I step in to help. For example it is predicted to be colder in the next two days than I have seen in the last 14 years I have lived here. If that comes true then several of my horses will be sporting blankets or extra blankets.

It is important to remember also that when horses digest roughage (hay) they produce heat. Extra hay anyone?

But my real pet peeve is water. Summer, winter, I don’t care…water, water, water is important. And in the winter when it freezes so fast water is more work and I fear is neglected. The heated water troughs are popular with my horses. Have you ever noticed that if you dump a water bucket that is starting to freeze and refill it with fresh water that they horses often drink. Coming out of the ground it is warm enough to steam and they appreciate it.

If it is going to get cold where you are get prepared….and prepare for your horses. How do you prepare?

cold weather and horses