The mares here on Mike and Holly’s ranch have been foaling. I am fascinated with watching them in the fields as the foals are out with many other mares and foals as well as the yearlings. This video was filmed on one day when all of the foals were trying to figure out how to scratch themselves using whatever they could find.

Trees, shrubs and other objects became tools for a good scratch. These three foals were having a very good time learning how to scratch what was itching them by backing, side passing, bending and walking over small trees, shrubs and dead branches.

It was hard for me to edit these cute little guys down to just under six minutes! It was funny that they kept up the scratching for so long. Especially watch for when the older horse, not the foals mother, walks by and tells the foal to move out of the way. What I love about it is that the foal is submissive…but once the big one passes he goes right back to scratching that itch. Be sure to watch the last foal at the end and his ‘Grand Finale’…the ‘V’ in that tree was up to his knee! Good trail horses in the making maybe? You watch and decide.