Fear is something that most of us have to deal with at some point when it comes to horses. It can range from a small, nagging fear that drains your joy to an almost overwhelming, crippling fear that prevents you from moving forward.

For me age and kids increased my concerns of how quickly I would recover from injury and judging by the questions that I get that may be true for others as well.

When Heidi asked if she could interview me for this book I said, “Yes!”

Fear is not something we should hide but instead look at and discuss. When I feel fear, horses or not, I try to stop and think about what ‘fear’ is trying to tell me. Is it a warning that I haven’t been complete? Is it a warning that I should get some advice from someone with more knowledge? Is it related to something going on in another area of my life?

I was able to read much of this book before it was published (a benifit of contributing to it:) and would recommend it for anyone with fear issues or as a gift to someone who is dealing with fear. This link should take you to an Amazon site where you can read more or order.